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Introducing New Courses

SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows and Data-Driven Solutions In this course, participants obtain the knowledge and skills required to build complex SharePoint business solutions with SharePoint Designer 2013. In addition, they learn to develop workflows and consolidate external data to automate business processes, connect data to SharePoint through Business Connectivity Services and incorporate XML and relational data on a SharePoint site to integrate disparate systems. ---> Microsoft SharePoint.

Administering SharePoint Server 2013

In this course, you gain the knowledge and skills to install, configure, secure and maintain SharePoint Server 2013. You learn to build effective web applications and site collection hierarchies; configure service applications for search indexing; profile import and metadata; and protect data with an effective backup and recovery strategy.
---> Microsoft SharePoint

Endpoint Security and Network Access Control

In this course, participants enforce security policies to protect sensitive data and assets from internal and external threats. They learn to implement Network Access Control to prevent malware contamination from untrusted devices, optimize Data Loss Prevention (DLP) through host-based IDS/IPS and endpoint encryption, and prevent malware and botnet propagation utilizing anti-malware and honeypot technology. ---> Miscrosoft endpoint security

Introduction to Big Data
In this course, participants learn to unleash the power of Big Data for competitive advantage. They select and apply the correct Big Data stores for disparate data sets, leverage Hadoop to process large data sets, and apply sophisticated analytic techniques and tools to process and analyze Big Data.

Installing and Managing Exchange Server 2013
In this course, participants learn to install, configure and maintain a robust Exchange Server 2013 messaging system. Specifically, they learn to manage mailboxes and leverage mailbox administration techniques, administer server roles and Exchange databases to align with organizational demands, and trace and configure a Database Availability Group (DAG) for high availability and site resilience.

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