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Our Enterprise Services are purely into Corporate Trainings. Miracle Infocom an 8 year Old Organization, partnering corporate clients to deliver Quality, Customer satisfactory trainings in the entry level, customised and advanced trainings.

Miracle Infocom is backed by a dedicated team, to provide training Solutions to its clients maintaining a very high Client satisfaction and delivering….Quality. We seamlessly integrate all the elements required to make your need our Goal. We transform your knowledge needs, driven by the integrity of its parts, all working in tandem toward a realized objective and this works like nothing else before it.

Certifications and Assessments

Global Certifications from Organizations like Oracle, Red Hat, Linux, Sun, Cisco, Microsoft etc.

Software training
  • Entry level Programs
  • Customised trainings ( Project Oriented )
  • Open to all Workshops (see calendar)
  • Online trainings (see Calendar)
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