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Services -- Project-based Customized Training

Our aim is to facilitate the best training results for every client from their technology investments. We ensure this with our quality based training solutions that are delivered just-in-time and are designed to suit and appropriately fill the training needs and gaps. Thus being mutually beneficial both ways.

As each technology investment requires an investment in tools and people, the corporate clients turn to Miracle Infocom for their continual training requirements.

Corporate Training provides Specific Project Based trainings to IT and non-IT Organisations. With a team of internationally certified and experienced trainers, having hands-on developmental experience and exposure to multiple projects, these trainings are characterized by accurate problem solving and query handling.



Customized training details

Participant's profile : Experienced working professionals - 2 years Onwards
Typical Duration : 16 to 40 Hrs or 2 to 5 days
Expected outcomes:
  • Candidates should be able to apply the technology, tool or process in their current or near-future project
Course Contents: Generally designed by the joint team of Senior Subject Matter Expert (SME) from Miracle Infocom and a client Project Manager and/or Technology leader

List of courses

Following are the modules covered as part of this type of training. All of these modules can be customized to the extent desired, in the context of project requirements. For Example

  • Fundamentals: C Programming, SQL, DBMS concepts, Unix basics
  • Java: Java, JDBC, Servlet/JSP, EJB,
  • Software Testing: Software testing concepts.


Miracle Infocom Advantage

Our training results are - enhanced knowledge, efficiency and productivity. We bring the best training convenience and results with:
  • Customization options - Modifying existing courses contents, blending delivery methods, custom-designing courseware, coaching and mentoring on technologies and tools, consulting for new technology assimilation to address client-specific situation and challenges
  • Flexible approach - Client site offerings for all courses or at our convenient Locations eitherways.
  • Wide range of offerings - Information Technology, Project Management, General Management and Management development programs along with Soft Skills.
  • Quality instructors - Certified technical instructors, with real-world experience working in multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-network environments
  • Comprehensive Course/ study material - Easy to understand and comprehend study material and practical assignments


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